Why I’m Leaving Christian Light Education

The evangelical Christian school in Florida that has become a symbol of a growing national movement to end mandatory bible studies and other indoctrination for public schools has been ordered to stop teaching “The Good Book” and to stop providing any curriculum related to it.

The order was issued Friday by the Florida Department of Education, a few hours after the Christian Light Foundation (CLF) was caught using its $25,000-a-year budget to pay for the use of a “biblical-themed” library to teach the “good” book, according to the Washington Times.

The nonprofit, which was founded in 2009 by Matthew Graham, founder of the American Family Association, received more than $6 million in federal money to open its doors in 2016, but it has been a source of controversy since the beginning, with its founders saying that they had not received government funding for their program.

In fact, CLF has been criticized by some conservatives for being “anti-gay” and “anti-“Christian.

“The organization’s website has featured a series of “Bible Verses” that claim to be “written by the Son of God.

“The books include the following: The Good Book, which teaches that the Bible is the “only divine document.

“The Bible is a book of laws that teaches that God has a moral code that applies to every human being.

In the Bible, God makes us in His image, as we are created in His likeness.

God created man in His own image.

God has given us a right to worship Him and to obey Him.

The “Good Book” teaches that Jesus is the Messiah, who will save the world from a “fallen” society and restore God’s kingdom.

It also asserts that God was an “eternal son” of God, who was born of the Virgin Mary.

According to the Christian Life Foundation, the books claim to have been written by the Apostle Paul.

Graham’s group has received a total of more than 100,000 dollars from the federal government since its inception, according the Center for American Progress, which advocates for “liberal social change.”

Graham’s other “bible” project, a series called The Good Word for Christian Youth, has been described by critics as “a series of books that teach kids how to be better people” and says that “it has been promoted as a work of God’s grace.”

CLF is currently being sued by the government for $1.3 million, which includes an order to stop offering the book to schools across the country.

The Christian Light School is the third Christian school to be ordered to close in less than a week.

The first was a small private Christian school that closed in Florida after being found to have taught “false teachings” about homosexuality and abortion.

The other two shut down after being accused of indoctrinating students in a “homophobic and anti-Christian” curriculum.

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