Jill Biden’s education policy could affect thousands of students

US President Jill Biden has outlined her plans to tackle the education gap, and could make the biggest changes to the country’s education system in decades.

Key points:Ms Biden’s plan to raise the minimum age of school enrolment from 16 to 18, and introduce paid early childhood care centres could hit young people hardestShe also said she wanted to boost spending on apprenticeships, as well as making childcare free for working familiesIf you have a story about education, please email [email protected]

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The President, who is in the UK as part of her “Make America Great Again” tour, made her plans for the education system public on Wednesday.

“I am very excited to announce that we are going to raise our state-level minimum education standards to 18,” Ms Biden said.

“That will bring in more funding for preschool, and more funding going to paid early child care.”

We also want to invest in the apprenticeship and childcare sector.

“And we want to boost our spending on vocational education, especially apprenticeships.”

The first part of Ms Biden’s proposals is a hike in the minimum state education qualification (SES) to 18 from 16. 

Ms Biden said she would also double the amount of money available for apprenticeships for working parents.

“This is about empowering working families and creating a new generation of work-based apprentices,” she said.

The US has a “gap” in the education sector, where young people can access higher-paying apprenticeships but struggle to secure them. 

The plan includes a “tougher” new system of paid early education centres for working-class families, which will cost an extra $3bn.

“So this new system will ensure that working families get paid for their children’s education.

It will also allow working parents to have access to paid apprenticeships,” Ms Bidens education spokeswoman said. 

“We have more than $300 billion in federal investment in early childhood, so this plan will create thousands of new apprenticeships and will expand the apprenticeships program to more than 1 million students nationwide.”

She added that her plan would boost spending for apprentices and childcare, and would make childcare free in working families. 

More: “I’m also committed to expanding paid child care,” Ms Biden said.

“So we are looking at creating a childcare benefit program.

And we are also working on a childcare tax credit for working mothers.”

Now, let me also tell you about apprenticeships.

“We have over 10,000 apprenticeships nationwide.

And I am looking forward to having the apprentices get the training that they need to help build our economy, our jobs, and our country.”

For the first time, we are creating a nationwide apprenticeship program for people who want to work in this country and are able to do so, with a $500-per-hour tax credit. 

They can work for a year on their own, and they can earn $40,000 in the next six months. 

And I think it is very important for young people to be able to get into the apprentices program.

“Ms Biden has previously outlined plans to make childcare more affordable for working people, including doubling the amount parents are eligible for in a two-year apprenticeship. 

Ahead of the launch, Ms Biden told students in her first address to a school audience in Washington DC:  “You may not know this, but if you get a job, you don’t pay taxes. “

If you’ve got an average of $50,000 of your income coming from the tax code and you are working in a family that’s paying $70,000 for child care, then the tax credit is really important,” Ms Bingen said.

Ahead of the launch, Ms Biden told students in her first address to a school audience in Washington DC:  “You may not know this, but if you get a job, you don’t pay taxes. 

So what you really need to know is that when you get your first job, we’re going to pay you back in 2023.” 

The president also promised to support families with low-income children, and to give states the option of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

“If we are really serious about creating a country that is fair for everybody, we must help families like yours get ahead, not just the one percent,” Ms Baer said.

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