When the loan shark is out of the game

By Alessandra PintoIt has been a rough year for Italian football.

The Serie A champions were knocked out of their Champions League quarter-final with Barcelona in June.

It was the last game of the season, and in Italy it was not until the last minute that a loan deal with Udinese was agreed.

After that the only thing keeping Udinese afloat was the presence of loan sharks.

They took out loans from Juventus, Napoli, Inter, Inter Milan and Fiorentina.

But then a loan from Napoli to Juventus ended up in the hands of a loan shark, and Udinese went out of business.

So what’s next for Udinese?

That’s a difficult question, as Udinese have been out of work for three years.

Udinese’s owner, Jorge Mendes, has been working with Udice’s board for months, hoping to save the club from the clutches of the loan sharks that have been ruining the club’s financial health.

It’s a tricky situation to be in.

You have to have an excellent board, and you have to be very, very, extremely careful about not taking loans that will have to do with the club in the future.

So we’ve had to have a very, good team of people that have had to negotiate with the board, who are in a very good position, and that has helped us to manage the situation.

The loan sharks are still out there, but Udice is more stable than ever.

Udice had to borrow €1.2m from a bank in Italy to save itself from bankruptcy and now it has €8m from the bank to borrow from.

Udine is in a good position to go on to the next stage.

It seems that Udice has been able to put together a stable, stable board and has also been able with the loan-swap, to bring in a new director.

This has been the most important step for the club.

We are in the position to take the next step, and I hope that it’s possible to put this to the test.

It will take some time to see if Udice will be able to survive in this situation, but I think that it will be possible to make it through.

It will be a very difficult situation, to say the least, but we will manage to make the right decisions in order to continue as a club and to help the team to succeed.

We have already said that the loan deal will be the last thing that Udinese has, so it’s a bit of a gamble to be playing football at this stage.

But we will do everything in our power to survive this.

Udina has to do what is right, and if it goes wrong, we will be left with no option.

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