Bill Gates has announced his resignation

By ANI | December 21, 2017 07:22:18By now, Bill Gates should have a reputation for being a bit of a ‘tough guy’.

In the years since he co-founded Microsoft in 1996, he has made himself a world-renowned philanthropist, philanthropist for mankind and a philanthropist who is known for making his own sacrifices.

The announcement on Thursday by the Microsoft CEO that he was stepping down, which came a day after a day of mourning for those who lost their lives during the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, was a significant departure from his previous approach, which was to remain neutral.

In his resignation letter, which Gates released on his personal blog, Gates said that the time has come to say goodbye to the world and to my family and close friends.

“We are all so proud of what we have achieved together,” Gates wrote.

“But our journey has been full of trials, and many people have been hurt, and so we have to face it head-on.

That’s why I am stepping down.

I want to say to you all that I will always love you all, and I want the world to know that I am deeply sorry for what has happened.

It’s not easy, but I think I have made the right decision.”

Gates was widely criticised by both Democrats and Republicans alike for his decision, which has been met with criticism from some who say that his political career has suffered.

He is the only billionaire to have been a member of the US Congress since 2001, when he first ran for office, and has also served as a US ambassador to more than 20 countries.

In 2014, he was named the UN’s first female honorary doctor.

He has become one of the most well-known and influential philanthropists in the world, having raised more than $7 billion to date.

In his retirement, he will be succeeded by his wife, Melinda, a former Apple executive.

In an interview with Reuters, Gates was asked if he would be willing to speak at a memorial service in New York to remember the victims of the attack.

“I think it’s important to be there for the survivors, because it’s very important for them to understand that I’m still there,” he said.

“I’ll be at the memorial, and when I see them, I will have a lot of memories of them, but they will be there to celebrate their lives.”

The decision has been greeted with sadness in the Muslim world, which have seen a rise in attacks and a spike in violence in the past year.

“Our nation has suffered so much because of this.

The US and the world is now at a crossroads.

We must confront our deepest, darkest fears,” Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said in a statement.

“The people have spoken, and we have spoken.”

But others said that, in a time of heightened violence and the threat of a resurgence of Islamist extremism, Gates’ departure is the right one to take.

“Bill Gates is a man of integrity and great courage, and the right person to lead our nation to a safer future,” President Donald Trump tweeted.

“He is an exceptional man and a leader who has done more to advance our values than anyone else in history.”

The US State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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