Apple Education Store has launched a ‘Mark Zuckerberg Education Store’ on Google Play

Apple is planning to launch its own digital store on Google’s Play Store, which will provide a digital store of educational products, books, and apps, according to The Times of India.

The company has already launched a similar product on its own store, called Mark Zuckerberg Education, and is now planning to open its own app store as well, according the newspaper.

Apple has also partnered with Kobo on its digital store, and said that it plans to launch a Kobo app store in India, too, in the next few months, according

Google’s digital store has been criticised for being too similar to its own.

The company has been accused of copying the look and feel of its own website, which often includes ads and links to Google products.

Earlier this year, Google also came under fire for offering an ad-free version of its app store, which has seen a number of high-profile users leaving the app store after it became clear that its ad-supported model did not appeal to users.

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