How to teach sex education in the classroom

1:23 A sex education program at a Catholic high school in California has been suspended after it was criticized by a sex educator.

A sex educator with a strong anti-abortion stance said on Twitter that sex education is “bad for girls.”

2:19 The Department of Health and Human Services released a list of schools that have been placed on a watch list after their sex education curriculum was criticized.

In an email to students, the department said, “This is an alarming and unprecedented action for a school to take.”

3:57 A Texas high school is on a list that is also on a government watch list for teaching sex education.

The Texas Education Agency has put the school on a two-week hold, saying the district does not have the resources to keep the program going.

Officials say that the school is under a temporary suspension that will be lifted in the next few weeks.

4:23 In New York, a school board member said the district was suspending sex education for three days to comply with a federal mandate that requires schools to have sex education classes.

The suspension will allow students to get a refresher on sexual consent, which they will also need to have in class.

5:24 A sex teacher in Texas has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, saying that the sex education at her school was harmful to students.

6:32 In Ohio, the state education board has ordered that schools with sex education instruction be placed on the state’s sex offender registry.

The board said it was suspending the program at an elementary school in Columbus, because the school does not allow students who have been convicted of sexual abuse to participate.

7:13 A district in Texas says it will ban the use of sex toys at its schools because they cause pain and that they are harmful to children.

8:07 A district superintendent in Georgia has apologized for using a sex toy in a school class.

He says the teacher who made the comment should have been reprimanded and the toy removed from the classroom.

9:17 In North Carolina, a sex education teacher has resigned after she was fired after she said a student should not be forced to have a sex act with someone they don’t want to have.

She was accused of having sex with her 15-year-old student.

The superintendent who fired her says that he was wrong to fire her and is also now on leave.

10:25 A high school teacher in Indiana is facing disciplinary action after he was caught using a condom on a student in a classroom.

The teacher was caught with the condom in a desk drawer and sent home.

11:15 A Florida school district is on the brink of being suspended after a student was photographed using a tampon at a restroom.

12:12 A teacher in Ohio was fired from her job after she posted a photo of herself in a condom while holding a tampo in a bathroom stall.

The image sparked a controversy and prompted a teacher to call for a ban on condom use in classrooms.

13:23 The National Education Association says that teachers in public schools are “unbelievably vulnerable” to sexual harassment and bullying.

The association says that the sexual harassment problem is worse at public schools than public high schools and that it needs to be addressed.

14:21 In Colorado, the American Civil Liberties Union is suing to have the city of Denver put on a state watch list.

They are seeking the protection of students, teachers, and administrators from harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence.

15:20 The National Organization for Women is calling for more than $1 billion to help girls who have experienced sexual assault or stalking.

The organization said that they need money to fight for a legal remedy for survivors and protect other students.

16:03 The American Civil Rights Union is asking the U.S. Department of Education to investigate whether a Texas school district that teaches sex education violated federal law when it banned students from using a toy with a penis.

17:04 A sex ed teacher in a California high school says the school has been placed in a state sex offender database after the district’s sex education programs were criticized.

18:07 The Department for Education has suspended the sex ed program at the Catholic high schools in Florida after the school district said it could not afford to continue the program.

19:21 A sex school teacher from the Catholic school district in Ohio is being fired after it says she sexually harassed a student.

20:16 A sex instructor at a California school says that a sex ed class was a bad idea because students are uncomfortable with being exposed to the penis.

She said that the program was taught in the bathroom and it should have taught that students should not touch the penis during sex.

21:01 A California school district has suspended a sex teacher who was suspended for teaching the sex-ed class at a high school.

Her suspension was later reinstated after a review found that the teacher was being unfairly punished for the wrong reason.