How to get an erection with your parents

If you’re wondering how to get a dick with your dad, the answer is: with your mother.

It’s a myth, according to porn actress Liza Minelli, but she knows it exists.

In an interview with PornHub, Minelli discussed how to find the perfect erection and how it affects your relationships with both parents.

“You are so close to your mother, but your penis is very sensitive,” Minelli said.

“Your penis is sensitive to your mom’s touch.

If you are with your mom, you can get an orgasm, but the most important thing is the penis.

It feels like your dick is attached to your penis.”

The reality is that the foreskin of your penis isn’t the only part of your body that has sensitivity.

In fact, Minell said it is the tip of your cock that feels most sensitive.

So if your penis feels a little too sensitive, don’t be afraid to try and coax your mom into getting you an erection, but make sure you do so with your father’s approval.

“I always tell people, if your dad tells you to do it, he is not doing it for you,” Minell explained.

“He is doing it to protect you from the things you are about to do to your father.

So just remember that.”

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