‘I don’t know what I would do’: Parents talk about how their child has changed their lives

Some of the best stories come from people who know exactly what they want.

I met parents of children who have experienced an enormous change.

I had one who told me, “I don,t know what to do.

I have no idea what to tell my kids.

I just want to be like everyone else.”

I know.

I am not alone. 

What is the impact of learning disabilities?

I met parents whose children were profoundly disabled.

They had problems in reading, writing, listening, and thinking.

One mother told me that her children would talk to each other about things they had never even considered thinking about.

I found a mother of an 11-year-old who had to be taught a different way of speaking to her daughter, who was struggling with language and the ability to understand her own voice.

The mother was an excellent teacher.

I was surprised by how much her children improved as they learned more about themselves.

Another mother told of how her son, who is a talented musician, was asked to sing the national anthem for the first time at a concert.

He struggled to get the words out, but when the crowd started applauding, he began to sing.

He did so with an incredible joy in his voice.

His mother said, “This is amazing.”

She also shared that she was thrilled that her son was able to write down the words that he had been asking her to say to him.

The impact of these children’s achievements is huge.

They are amazing in every way.

It’s not that they are better or that they don’t have challenges.

It is that the skills they have acquired have allowed them to do something so wonderful that they feel completely at home in the world.

The effect of learning a disability on a child is the same as it is on an adult.

Learning disabilities are a part of every child’s life.

They make them feel important, but they also make them strong.

I hope this article has helped you understand the importance of learning and the benefits it brings.

I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the parents, teachers, and educators who have been so supportive of this article. 

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