The Top Ten Sex Education Videos on Netflix

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Now Playing New York’s ‘Grave Encounters’ theater shooter was ‘obsessed’ with Donald Trump Now Playing Woman says she was ‘hung’ by Trump when she was pregnant Now Playing U.S. Supreme Court justice is being questioned about Trump sexual misconduct Now Playing What you need to know about Trump impeachment Now Playing Judge to hear case on Trump’s alleged ‘sexual misconduct’ with an intern Now Playing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says he’s not going to ‘go along to get along’ with Trump Now Using a prosthetic hand, ‘The Bachelor’ star Lindsay Lohan helps newbie with prosthetic legs Now Playing Comedian Matt Damon says ‘fake news’ media coverage of his Twitter feud with President Trump is ‘dangerous’ Now Using social media to highlight Trump’s sexual misconduct claims Now Playing A look back at the most popular moments from the 2016 election Now Playing The ‘Downton Abbey’ cast discusses the finale, and what to expect next season Now Playing Kavanaugh’s accuser’s account of being abused by Kavanaugh will be investigated by the Senate now Now Playing Who is the most influential person in the Trump White House, according to Twitter? Now More:

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