Kerala teacher who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists is buried in a church

Kerala’s education minister has said that a teacher kidnapped and killed by terrorists was buried at a church in the city’s northern city of Kochi.

Key points:Dr Achuthanath Kumar, 53, was abducted and murdered in Kochi last monthThe body was buried in the church of the Catholic Church of Christ, which is also known as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kerala”It is a very sad day for Kerala,” said Father Achuthamannath Kumar of the church in Kondapalle, near the town of Kochivadu, in the state’s north.

“He was taken to Kochi by the terrorists and he was murdered,” he said.

The pastor, who was working in the school, was kidnapped on April 15 in a police raid and later killed by the gunmen, who later escaped.

The gunman was identified as a militant and police later found his fingerprints on the weapon, which had been used to murder Kumar.

The attack left six people dead.

The government has ordered an inquiry into the attack, which the police said was carried out by “a well-armed and well-trained group”.

“Kerala has always been known for its peaceful coexistence,” said Deputy Education Minister K.K. Chittoor.

“Kochivadus violence, which occurred on April 14, was the result of the wrong decision of a few people who failed to follow the law.

This incident has shown that Kerala needs to ensure law and order, and to do so it must take action to protect those who are in its path.”

Kochi is known for a history of religious intolerance and violence.

In May 2015, four people were killed when a mob attacked a Catholic church in Kochiyas capital Kochi after it hosted a mass in support of the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

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