Which colleges are most likely to be rated as “outstanding” by US universities?

The US government is reviewing how universities assess students’ achievement, and whether to allow them to use test scores to determine college acceptance.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released the results of a survey on college admissions in the US, and revealed that a large number of the nation’s top 10 universities have higher rates of acceptance than average.

According to the NCES, nearly 80% of the top ten schools are rated “outstandingly” by the NCE, while just 8% are “marginally” or “not at all”.

The highest proportion of “outlookingly” and “marginal” universities are from the top 10, with only 6% and 2%, respectively. 

In contrast, just 2% of “marginals” universities receive the “outgoing” designation, and just 3% are rated as being “margins”.

The survey also revealed that the percentage of students applying to top universities has been growing, while the percentage applying to “marginages” has dropped, in line with the trends seen in other advanced economies.

It is unclear if the recent trend of “not attending” to college will continue, and the NCER will not be able to measure whether a particular college has a large enough student body to attract a large proportion of the national population.

The NCES will release its next report, due out next year, in March 2019.

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