When you think college, think college free

The University of Southern California is free online.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy for students.

They’re learning how to use the free site, which is now open to everyone. 

The site is called “Free College,” and it has some pretty impressive features. 

It lets students see their transcripts, which are not available in public.

Students can download and print out their transcripts and even upload them. 

Students can choose to view the transcripts for free, which means they can’t see them as part of a class.

But the transcripts will be available on the site for anyone to see. 

Free College also lets students upload their transcripts online, which students can then share with their professors, professors of other universities, or even friends and family. 

According to the University of Texas, nearly 2 million students have access to the site. 

In addition, Free College allows students to see the transcripts of other students in their class, as well as the names of other classmates in their classes. 

And the website also lets people download all of their course materials online, so they can work from home. 

While it is free, Free Colleges cost money.

The website charges a $10 registration fee, which can add up quickly.

But students are encouraged to sign up for the site as it becomes available. 

This post originally appeared on MTV News.