Which Christian school is best for your kids?

Accelerated Christian Education, Inc., a Christian educational company, has released an educational software called Accelerated Education that allows students to choose a Christian school to attend, based on the school’s ability to prepare them for a specific career.

Students are asked to rank their top choices based on how much they think they need to prepare for the career of their choice.

Accelerated has said it plans to expand the tool to other Christian institutions, and to schools around the world, in the future.

Accelerate Education’s CEO, Dr. Andrew Cawthon, says the tool helps students understand how they can better prepare for their next career, as well as how to make the right decisions with respect to their health and personal finances.

Cawtons work is also helping to build a new network of Christian colleges and universities, which will ultimately enable Christians to reach the next generation of leaders.

Caws work is being done on the behalf of a nonprofit organization called the Christian Alliance for a Better America.

The organization, which includes the nation’s largest Christian colleges, was founded by Christian evangelist Franklin Graham and other leaders in 2012, when the Christian evangelical movement was growing.

According to Cawtons LinkedIn page, he also served as a senior advisor for the foundation and as a board member.

CAWthon says the technology will help Christian students prepare for a variety of career paths, from working in a medical facility to working in the insurance industry.

He says the tools also help Christian leaders build a bridge to help students connect with others who may be in the same position as they are, and who are interested in their career path.

Accelerating Christian Education has a history of providing technology for other Christian organizations.

Earlier this year, Accelerated announced that it had acquired the software developer company Kato Industries.

The company was founded in 2004 by the husband and wife team of Cawntons mother and son team, who have a history working together in the healthcare industry.

Acceleration also acquired the educational technology company Life Tech last year.

The two companies are now working together on several new products for Christian colleges.

COWthon also said in a statement that his company is committed to increasing its visibility and engagement with the Christian community.

He adds that Accelerated will continue to work with the Baptist Education Network to help build a network of schools that are partnering with the company to serve students.

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