What’s next for progressive education in the US?

New Hampshire has made a push to take the fight for progressive and progressive education out of the states to a national level.

New Hampshire State Senator Tom Bradley is spearheading a bill that would create a new progressive education commission that would oversee the development of progressive education curricula and provide funding for the creation of more progressive educational facilities in the state.

The commission is expected to release a report in December that would establish guidelines for how to provide for progressive learning at public and private institutions and how to ensure students are able to learn from diverse viewpoints.

Bradley said in a statement that his bill was a response to a lack of progressive standards in state curricula.

The current progressive education standards are often viewed as overly conservative and don’t serve the needs of our students and our communities, he said.

This new commission will be tasked with developing progressive standards for our public schools that are relevant and reflective of the progressive values and experiences of our community.

Bradley said the new commission would also be charged with creating and reviewing guidelines for the promotion and dissemination of progressive curricula in our public and charter schools.

New England is one of a handful of states to have created a progressive education committee.

In New York, a group of progressive lawmakers created the New Progressive Education Commission in 2012.

The commission’s recommendations include an end to state-funded vouchers for private schools, a mandate that charter schools be open to all students regardless of their ability to pay, and an end of the Common Core State Standards curriculum.

In a statement released on Wednesday, New Hampshire State Sen. Jennifer Raffanelli, a Democrat, said that her bill was “designed to provide more resources for New Hampshire public schools and our teachers to meet the demands of our young people, as well as our communities.”

Raffanella’s bill would establish the commission by creating a panel composed of representatives from schools, community organizations, and community groups, according to the state legislature’s website.

The panel would be appointed by the governor.

The bill would provide $50 million for the commission and would pay for a “transparency and accountability mechanism” that would include public reporting on the commission’s progress and oversight of the commission.

The report would also recommend establishing a new school accountability commission, a new public charter school accountability board, and a new curriculum.

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