What you need to know about education reform – Rand Paul

The Republican senator from Kentucky wants to give states the power to overhaul the nation’s public education system and get it right, and he’s ready to lead that effort.

In a new book, “The Best Way to Make America Great Again: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Every American,” Rand Paul calls for the elimination of the federal government’s role in education, which he says is “not only detrimental to our national security, but detrimental to education in general.”

Rand Paul has said that he believes states should have the right to decide how much of the education budget should go to school and how much to private schools.

In the book, Paul lays out a number of reforms, including:States should not be forced to pick up the tab for students who cannot afford to attend school, and teachers should be allowed to teach for an additional paycheck, instead of having to work full-time jobs, which are often underpaid.

The federal government should no longer be involved in teacher training programs, and states should not have to share resources with schools that are struggling financially.

He also calls for closing the achievement gap between students from rich and poor neighborhoods, as well as reducing the federal role in public education.

In other areas, Paul proposes giving states greater control over who can take the lead in hiring teachers and ensuring they get the best possible education.

“I want states to pick their own teachers,” Paul says in the book.

“The American people are sick and tired of the charade that teachers are being bought and sold, and they are sick of the corrupting influence of federal money in education.”

States should be able to set their own graduation rates, and schools should be given the ability to set graduation rates for their students, as long as the schools do not have “zero” graduation rates.

Paul also wants states to be able “to make the choice between public schools or charter schools,” as long they are not using federal money.

He says states should be permitted to make it easier for students to attend private schools, instead being forced to take on the costs of charter schools.

“If we’re going to teach a child how to read, we need to have a public school that’s going to be prepared for their needs,” Paul told Reuters in an interview.

“I think we can do a lot better in this area than we are right now.”

The campaign is the latest sign that Paul has an increasing profile as a contender for the Republican nomination for president.

While he has not officially announced his candidacy, he has made headlines in recent months with his advocacy for limited immigration and his calls to deport illegal immigrants who are here illegally.

His campaign website features a video titled “The Only Thing That Matters Is You,” which he said was inspired by the movie “The Help.”

In the video, Paul says he is concerned about what he calls the “growing role of federal government in education,” and he believes that states should “take control” of education.

“States should have a say in how much funding goes to public schools, how much goes to private, and how we pay for it,” he says.

In the same interview, he also suggested that his positions could be taken in an official presidential campaign, saying:”I’ve said, you know, ‘I think it’s time to get on the ballot and talk about issues that matter to you.'”

“It’s not that I think I have to win in 2016, I think it is about getting a message out to voters that I’m the candidate who can really make a difference and can really address the needs of our country,” he added.

It’s unclear how much attention his proposal would get among Republicans, who typically favor more limited immigration.

But some of the other proposals he has proposed have garnered considerable attention, such as his plan to scrap the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allows undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children to work and access school.

There has been bipartisan support for such a plan, and it has been supported by President Donald Trump and Republican Sens.

Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.

“There is an opportunity here to actually get serious about immigration reform and actually fix it,” said Matt Moutray, who serves as the communications director for the Arizona Republican Party.

Moutray said that Paul’s campaign “is not going to get much traction in a Republican primary, but we certainly will be watching what they do.”

He added that the idea of “making education a state issue” has been “trending” among Republicans in recent years, and said that “it would be a real breakthrough” for the senator.

Paul’s new book is scheduled to be released on Aug. 5.

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