Students in high-poverty New Zealand schools are among the lowest of OECD countries

The NZSWE has revealed that children in New Zealand’s most deprived schools have the lowest test scores and graduation rates in OECD countries.

Teachers are increasingly working with disadvantaged students in their care to ensure they receive the best possible outcomes.

Education Minister John Key said the results showed New Zealand could be a world leader in supporting disadvantaged children in higher education.

“The numbers tell the story.

In New Zealand, we have a very different picture of children’s education outcomes than many of our OECD peers,” he said.

Key said the data showed New York, which has one of the highest per capita student loan payments in the OECD, was the nation with the lowest graduation rate.

New Zealand has also been criticised for failing to close some of its highest-performing schools, which often had low test scores.

The NZSEW also said the country was one of only three OECD countries with no government-funded child care, with a third of children living in foster care.

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