Trump wants to ‘end’ child sex trafficking in America

President Donald Trump is calling for a “complete and total shutdown” of all forms of child sex abuse in the United States, including by parents and other people who abuse children.

Trump also said that parents who fail to protect their children will be held accountable.

The president also said he would use the executive power to withhold funding from local governments that do not fully cooperate with the investigation of child sexual abuse.

In a tweet Wednesday, Trump called for a nationwide crackdown on child sex tourism.

He also said there is no longer any place for the “vicious and disgusting practice of child pornography.”

He has called child pornography a “horrendous crime” that is “designed to terrorize, harm and destroy innocent people.”

The tweet comes after a series of high-profile cases of pedophilia involving high-ranking officials in the Trump administration.

The president’s executive order, which the White House says will take effect in 90 days, will prohibit federal funding for all forms, or types, of child prostitution.

It also calls for the criminalization of the sale of child porn on the Internet, and the elimination of “all tax-exempt organizations, foundations, private foundations, and individuals” involved in the production, distribution and dissemination of child-sex-related material.

The White House said the president will also direct the Department of Homeland Security to investigate, prosecute and remove all child sex offenders who are members of federal, state or local law enforcement agencies, and will also impose sanctions on any “persons, groups or organizations who knowingly or intentionally engage in such activity or knowingly provide support or services to child sexual predators.”

The order, the White

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