Which Hillary Clinton Would Choose to Expand the Opportunities of Students in Her State?

A few days ago, the United States Senate passed legislation that would give students in the states’ public schools the opportunity to receive financial aid to attend college.

While the legislation is far from perfect, it’s a good start, and it’s something that the United Kingdom could and should do.

That’s because the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated some parts of the United Nation as World Heritage sites, meaning that the world’s people are given an opportunity to experience the wonders of the natural world.

If these sites are given the same designation as UNESCO sites, it will allow students to experience a world that is not limited to their own country, but to others around the world.

The bill passed in the United House of Representatives would also allow states to expand access to public education to include low-income students, as well as provide financial aid for students to attend school.

While this is good news for students in America, it would also be good news in the UK, where a new report from The Guardian reveals that the country is not only missing out on UNESCO World Heritage designation, but is also missing out in the funding it needs to support its education system.

A new report found that the UK does not have a significant public school system, with just a third of the state’s students receiving free or reduced cost lunch.

While it’s understandable that the majority of students in Britain are in need of assistance, the problem of funding is a real concern for British citizens.

The report found the number of students who are in poverty in Britain is at least twice that of the US, and the report highlighted that students who attend a private school have a median income of just £1,000 ($1,300), which is lower than the UK average.

Additionally, while the UK government has pledged to spend £20 billion over the next decade to fund its education sector, it still does not spend a single penny on the UK’s public school funding, according to the report.

To help alleviate the lack of funding, The Guardian looked at a range of factors, including the amount of money that students are receiving, how much money is being spent, and how much of that is spent on funding.

In a nutshell, The UK does have a well-funded public school, but it’s far from sufficient to address the need of students, according the report from the Guardian.

The article points out that the average annual income for a UK child is £9,941 ($14,988), which means that students in British schools need to spend an average of £2,849 ($4,972) per year to meet their basic needs.

This means that a student needs to spend at least £8,000 per year on food and drink alone to meet the basic nutritional needs of their education, which is $9,000 (and that is if the student doesn’t get enough exercise and get sick).

Additionally, the report found schools spend more than $30 billion ($45 billion) on student fees each year.

That means that even if students were given access to financial aid, they would still need to eat out and use the internet to pay for things like tuition fees.

This is especially concerning because, according The Guardian, more than 40 percent of all UK students attend a public school.

The United Kingdom is not alone in this issue.

In recent years, it has also faced an increasing number of funding cuts, with the government being unable to meet its funding commitments.

This was highlighted by a report published by the University of Oxford in May, which said that the government was on track to cut £10 billion ($15 billion) from its education budget, and that this would lead to “the closure of more than 600 schools.”

The report said that this will result in “an unprecedented reduction in the number and quality of students entering secondary education in England and Wales.”

In fact, in 2016, the government announced that it would be cutting its budget for primary schools by £5.4 billion ($8 billion), leaving over 1.3 million students without access to a public education.

That would mean that less than 3 percent of the total student population will be able to access the education system that is essential to their future.

And that’s not even taking into account the impact of the cost of the government’s failed austerity policies, which has forced the government to cut vital public services like the police and fire services, which are vital to the wellbeing of students.

It’s important to note that the money that schools receive from the government does not go towards providing their students with the same quality of education as the public school systems in other countries.

Rather, it is used to fund the costs of educating students.

For example, the Department for Education’s Office for the Study of Public Policy (OSPP) spends almost £3 billion ($5.8 billion) annually on education

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