Why is it so important for the Education Secretary to be bilingual?

Posted January 09, 2019 17:10:55Education Secretary, Richard Andrews, is expected to be sworn in as the new head of the Department of Education on Monday, following the resignation of Joe Hockey.

Key points:Mr Andrews will lead a government that will be much less diverse than Labor’sThe new secretary is expected not to have much of an impactMr Andrews has been under pressure from some Labor MPs over his stance on the Coalition’s contentious refugee policyMr Andrews’s announcement of his appointment will be the first Cabinet position for a man who has been criticised for his lack of English skillsMr Andrews is the youngest Cabinet minister in Australia’s historyThe new Secretary of the Commonwealth, John Verbeek, will be replaced by a new leader at the Department, who will be formally sworn in on January 16.

The new Labor Government is expected, at least in part, to have little impact on education policy.

The Government’s recent education policy has been controversial, with many critics blaming it for a loss of international students to the US.

As a result, Mr Andrews has faced criticism for his support for the Coalition government’s proposed policy of bringing back refugees from Australia.

A Labor spokesman has said Mr Andrews’s appointment “is a good start” for the Government, and a spokesperson for the ABC confirmed he will be appointed as the department’s new Secretary.

“The new Government will bring in an entirely new education secretary, and I can confirm that the department is delighted to welcome Richard Andrews to its new team,” the spokesperson said.

“Mr Andrews and his team have an incredible track record of delivering great results for children in our schools, helping our most disadvantaged children succeed, and bringing our school system closer to the standards of other Australian states.”

Education Minister John Verbenge is expected in Sydney on January 14, 2019, to take on the role of the new Secretary, while Treasurer Wayne Swan will assume the role as the Government’s Treasurer on January 20.

Mr Andrews, who has also been under fire for his handling of the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Federation, is widely seen as being a key player in the Government reshuffle, and is seen as an ally of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

He has previously been a critic of the Government on immigration and his record of supporting the Government in its efforts to reform asylum seeker policy.

Mr Verbeke, who was previously the Minister for Employment, Education and Workplace Relations, was confirmed by the Government to lead the department on January 19.

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